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Registration 2023- 2024

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Submit Your Child’s Absence in SchoolZone

Dear Eastglen families,

You can now use SchoolZone to report when your child will be absent from school. This new feature is optional for Division schools, and our school is excited to participate.

On your mobile phone or desktop computer, enter your child’s absence starting a week before it occurs or up to the day they are absent. In SchoolZone, choose the Student Profile menu and then Attendance to enter an absence.

If you prefer to call the school to report an absence, you can continue to do so.

Welcome to Eastglen School

Welcome to Eastglen!

We are a hidden gem located in the quiet Bellevue-Highlands community. Our number one goal is ensuring students find success. We believe that education is about building character and preparing students for life and learning beyond high school. Eastglen has a wide range of interesting avenues and options to explore. 

Eastglen's Goals:

Eastglen Program Guide 2023-2024

Please click on the poster to view Eastglen Program Guide 2023 - 2024


Principal's Message

I am honored to have been bestowed the privilege and responsibility of being the principal of Eastglen, nestled in one of Edmonton's most beautiful communities. 

We know that high school is a time when students are starting to explore post-secondary and career options.   We are committed to providing students with a high quality educational experience that can allow them to develop their interests, explore new opportunities through our leadership programs, extra-curricular opportunities and courses that mirror their passions.

The Latin Motto that was connected to Eastglen High School when it opened its doors in 1953 is Velle est Posse.  The phrase translates to “Where there is a will, there is a way.” The faculty of Eastglen are passionate about supporting all of our students to have a positive school experience so that they may achieve their hopes and dreams for the future.

Something amazing is about to happen!


Mrs. McNeill


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