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Fine Arts

The arts at Eastglen are filled with opportunity for students who wish to study Art, Dance, Drama, Guitar, and Musical Theatre.

The courses at Eastglen challenge the students to develop their skills as actors, dancers, artists, musicians, and singers. Through classes that vary in workshop style to production style, students will be able to explore their full potential at Eastglen. Working with highly trained teachers who aim to connect the arts community to the school, students have many opportunities to grow and learn from skilled artists. The arts at Eastglen are challenging and rewarding and enable young artists to see their true creative potential.



Performing Arts Programs

Performing Arts Programs - Our professional quality, 450 seat Majestic Theatre allows our students to experience performing in front of a large audience. Eastglen’s Performing and Visual Arts courses are both rigorous and rewarding, enabling our young artists to shine.

Dance Showcase Website



Campus EPSB - Performing Arts

Want to sing, dance, and act all day long...at school?! Want to learn about technical theatre, how to prepare for a professional audition, go on field trips to see live theatre and dance performances, as well as work with guest artists in improv, dance, vocal technique, and career planning?! Then Campus EPSB at Eastglen may be the program for you! It runs semester 2 of the 2018/19 school year. Registration is open! This program is available to ANY student in Edmonton Public. For more information, go to www.epsb.ca/programs/skills/campusepsb/ or email jenna.werhun@epsb.ca