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Eastglen Virtual Open House



Eastglen Open House Promo 1

Eastglen Open House Promo 1 

What is High School? Video Series. Ep 1: Thinking About High School

Open House is coming soon! If you have questions about High School, this video series is for you! There will be three episodes in this “What is High School?” video series - coming out every Wednesday! Today’s video looks at beginning to think about high school. Next week, we will explore how courses and credits work. Remember also that our virtual Open House will take place on February 23rd! We can’t wait to meet all of our Future Blue Devils!

What is High School!

Dance Showcase Promo

This showcase trailer was created to provide a snapshot of the compositional process & a behind the scenes look at the pieces we created as a group (Drowning Shadows) & individually (the soloist compositions) this quarter at Eastglen High School.
To see the showcase in its entirety, please visit, https://sites.google.com/epsb.ca/eastglen-dance/home .

Music: Watermelon Sugar (Harry Styles)

Dance Showcase 2021

Art Showcase

What is worth preserving? What are things that you hold on to? How do we remove barriers to access of art and knowledge? For our Quarter 2 showcase our artists created art in response to our TREX exhibit “Curbside Museum” which addressed many of these questions.

On display until February 19th in our front foyer!

Drawing 15 students explored the postmodern principles of juxtaposition and dislocation to create a cabinet of curiosities. Art 20/30s explored the question "what is worth preserving?" and were encouraged to bring in an object that held importance for us to preserve and create art from.

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