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Eastglen Awards and Scholarships Update

Eastglen Awards and scholarships

Awards and Scholarships

Every year, Edmonton Public Schools honours the exceptional performance and accomplishments of Division students. Students have the opportunity to be considered for school, Division and provincial awards, as well as community sponsored awards and scholarships.

For complete listings of opportunities, criteria, application information and deadlines, please visit: Awards and Scholarships

RBC Future Launch Scholarship

RBC has announced a new scholarship. It is an innovative, new program for Canadian youth (aged 15 to 29) who are either studying part-time or not currently in school and have the desire to learn something new.
For 2020, there will be 450 scholarships available nation-wide valued at $1,500 each. The scholarship can be used to support a wide range of learning opportunities, including short-term courses, workshops, certificates, or online training – and their associated costs (tuition, travel, tools, books, etc.).
Scholarship recipients will be selected based on their drive, commitment to lifelong learning, and how they plan to use the funds to pursue their chosen learning opportunity. Unlike traditional scholarships, grades and transcripts are not required to apply – and non-traditional reference materials (such as visual arts, music, poetry, video blogs) can be submitted as part of an application.
For more information, please refer to the attached document. Good luck! ~Mr. Fox

RBC Future Launch Scholarship