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Eastglen offers four streams of academic Science courses. Students who meet the prerequisites can move from one stream to another.

Science 10/Science 10AP is the only prerequisite for all 20-level academic Science courses.

Science 10 is a course designed for students who have successfully completed both Math and Science 9.

Science 10AP should only be considered by honours students prepared to take on the additional challenge of an enriched program. Students registering for this program should have an interest in Science, a commitment to academic excellence, and the support of their parents/guardians.

Science 14 / 24 sequence is the fifth stream offered at Eastglen, and it is recommended for students who find Science difficult or who are not continuing in a post-secondary program requiring a grade 12 Science course. This non-academic stream meets the requirement of a 20-level Science course necessary to receive a high school diploma.

Students in the academic stream should complete the 20/30 sequence in at least two academic Sciences. Students interested in pursuing careers in Science-related fields are encouraged to complete the 20/30 sequence in three Sciences. Science 30, Biology 30, Chemistry 30 and/or Physics 30 can be used towards university entrance for some faculties. Check post-secondary requirements to determine which Science courses are most appropriate.